We’re listening: The Student Counselling Service

Welcome to the Student Counselling Service (SCS). SCS is a free confidential service available for all students at Global University System. We understand student life can at times be a stressful experience; moving to a new place to study, working through demanding coursework, meeting new people and much more besides. To address these issues and provide students with the support they need, the Student Counselling Service (SCS) is dedicated to helping students who may be experiencing personal or emotional problems.

How can SCS help you?

SCS offers each student an opportunity to discuss their personal or emotional issues. Counselling offers the opportunity to reflect on the difficulties you are experiencing so you can gain a new perspective and can find ways of working through the difficulty.

Our counsellors are dedicated professionals, who focus on the student and are committed to improving student wellbeing and making sure that students receive the support they need. We provide counselling assistance for a wide range of issues in a comfortable, calm and confidential environment where students can explore and better understand the concerns that are troubling them.

The Student Counselling Service is also well connected with service providers within the community. Whatever the challenge that you are facing, a counsellor will work with you to identify your needs and, when necessary, will be able to refer you to suitable resources and professionals.

In addition to counselling appointments, SCS also offers plenty of self-help resources and information about common problems experienced by students and runs regular workshops.
For more information about SCS, please contact

Immediate contact

If you wish to speak to someone immediately you can contact:
The Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90
You may also want to visit the Student Depression website

Help in an emergency

Please be aware the SCS is not an emergency service. In the event of an emergency please contact 999. 

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