• How can I become a member of the Students society?

As a student after enrolling you are automatically a member of the Students society so you can start using its services and facilities straight away by just speaking to the student engagement department.

  • Who runs the Students society?

In short…you! Students share their ideas/concerns with a group of elected class representatives, who act on their behalf. Students can also participate & vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) where major decisions about the coming year are made.

  • Who can stand for Election?

Any current student can stand for election except the post grad and short course students due to the length of study. For more details on procedures and deadlines please contact Feyi Ashamu on info@studentsociety.co.uk.

  • How can I contact the Society?

You can email Feyi Ashamu info@studentsociety.co.uk or ring anyone in the student Engagement team who will be able to help you.  

  • How can I get involved with the Society?

There are various ways you can get involved with the Society. From joining sports teams and societies to running for election, there is something for everyone no one misses out.

  • What is AGM? 

It’s an Annual General Meeting open to any student to turn up to and is where major decisions about the Society’s future are made.

  • What are Student Representatives?

Students who attend the committee meetings on behalf of course mates, in order to help improve the quality of student experience during their studies. Student’s reps have the opportunity to develop transferable skills valuable not only in academic studies but also to future employers for which they will be given reference.


  • Who can redeem these offers?

MyStudentOffers are available to all current students.

  • How can I redeem an offer that I am interested in?

It varies by offer, so please check the 'How to Use' section of the offer you choose. Some offers may require prior reservation, require you to print a voucher, call a number and quote a promo code, or show your student card you when redeem the offer in store.

  • What is the validity period for these offers?

Validity periods differ by offer, so check the Terms & Conditions specific to the offer of your choice. Offers cannot be extended past the validity dates shown.

  • Do I need a promotion code to redeem?

Some offers may require you to quote a promotion code when making a booking or purchase. For offers where this is required, this will be mentioned in the "How to Use" section of the offer.

  • Do I need to print and show a voucher to redeem?

Some offers may require you to print a voucher to redeem. Simply follow the instructions on each offer in the 'How to Use' section.

  • Do I need to show my Student Card to redeem the Offer?

Some offers may require you to show your student card upon redemption in store. Simply follow the instructions on each offer in the 'How to Use' section.

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